Computerized Signature is procedure by which validness or validity of a report can be confirmed. An advanced mark aim is to fathom the issue of altering and pantomime in computerized field. Computerized marks can give confirm with regards to the starting point, personality and status of an electronic archive, exchange or message.A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be displayed electronically to demonstrate character, to get to administrations on the web or to sign certain reports carefully. A DSC furnishes with an abnormal state of security for online exchanges by guaranteeing outright protection of data traded utilizing a DSC.

What are the Documents required for DSC Registration?

Copy of PAN Card In case of Company
Copy of PAN Card
Constitution proof of the business in case of Business
Address proof of the Applicant (Aadhar catd or Voter ID card)
Passport Size of Photograph of the Applicant
What is the process for getting Digital Signature Certificate?
  • Confirmation of Documents
  • Documenting the Application for DSC Application frame
  • Managing Respective Authorities
  • Following until the point when DSC is issued


A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) explicitly associates the identity of an individual/device with a two keys – public and private keys. The certificate contains information about a user’s identity (for example, their name, pincode, country, email address, the date the certificate was issued and the name of the CA. These keys will not work in the absence of the other. They are used by browsers and servers to encrypt and decrypt information regarding the identity of the certificate user. The private key is stored on the user’s computer hard disk or on an external device such as a USB token. The user retains control of the private key; it can only be used with the issued password. The public key is disseminated with the encrypted information. The authentication process fails if either one of these keys in not available or do not match. This means that the encrypted data cannot be decrypted and therefore, is inaccessible to unauthorized parties.
Yes, as per Information Technology Act 2000 in India, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) are legally valid in India. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) are issued by licensed Certifying Authorities under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India as per the Information Technology Act.
Class 3 DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is required for DGFT website to communicate. DGFT Digital Signature is valid for 1 years or 2 years. User can save time and money by using DGFT Digital Signature Certificate.
DSC of Class 2 and Class 3 category issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) needs to be obtained for e-filing on the MCA Portal.
X509 is the industry standard for digital certificate format. It defined the various mandatory and optional attributes that can be defined within the certificate.